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Walk-way Canopy

Status- Completed, 2011

Location- Sunder Nagar, New Delhi


The canopy spans the southern edge of a garden, leading form a gate to the front door of a Dentist’s Clinic. The brief -  a canopy to provide shade, from the harsh summer sun, that could be moved away to allow the garden plants more light in the winter months – no columns, that was explicit.


The canopy is designed to be manually retractable on a roller assembly. It is suspended overhead with stainless steel cables that almost vanish from sight. A neat, minimal and completely un-obtrusive addition to a carefully nurtured garden.


What makes the design and execution special is that almost every single component was a custom  build.  From lathed pulley wheels made with Royal Enfield axel bearings, to the stainless steel ribs, every component was fabricated, barring only the cable and the turn buckles.