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The Ardee School

Status- Unbuilt, 2010

Location- Gurugram, Haryana

The Ardee School is to be a day boarding, Montessori based  higher secondary school run by the Ardee Foundation

In its desire to impart a holistic educations  it encourages students to explore, inquire and discover. The school is modeled on an institutional campus, where students are required to move between facilities and that are located across the 5 acre site.

Activities are designed to be both indoors and out of doors with landscape and open space being designed specifically as arenas for such events. 

The design relies on an assembly of almost identical buildings that are tied together by pathways and elevated corridor that connect buildings and open spaces.  At the centre of the scheme is the library + auditorium + pavilion + outdoor studio space a large building, and heart, of the school’s cultural and educational life, sunk into the ground and revealed only when students find their way to edge of the facility.

Space is  articulated in ways to maximize and multiply its purpose. The design relies on very clear orientation and use of daylight and ventilation and also movable l shading device to control light and heating gain within the building spaces

The design uses a language of simplicity and a clear and direct address to issues of climate and sun control to arrive at a building language that speaks and communicates and informs, which we believe are worthy agendas in a educational environment.

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