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Banglore International Centre

Status- Competition, 2012

Location- Banglore, Karnataka

The design of the BIC takes its ques from the stress on sustainable and appropriate technologies in the design competition brief.The design seeks to maximized the opportunities of a site with a unique set of parameters.The design uses a mix of zoning, climatic design and massing to achieve a built environment that address both comfort and pragmatism in the built environment.


Designed as an inverted umbrella, the parasol funnels the site’s ample supply of rainwater into a subterranean harvesting system that not only would supply the irrigation needs. The parasol also allows a controlled daylight throught out the intervening open spaces between the various component buildings. But keep the soil moist, thus enhancing the cooling of the earth-air tunnel system that feeds a radiant cooling system suspended from the ceiling throughout. Floating above the four component blocks, and uniting them under its wing, in a futuristic expression it also serves as an Emblem and Icon in the urban landscape of Bangalore.

THE FOUR MONOLITHS  The façade is dominated by four large, exquisite stone walls, devoid of fenestration. Clean, Clear, and Uncompromising, expressing the ethos and value of a Cultural Institution of Value and steadfastness. The stoic solidity of the façade, is both graceful and powerful.


VERTICAL GARDEN WALLS  Aligned with the west face of  each block are high mesh walls that will in the future lend themselves to various flowering creepers, the flowers will lend a fresh fragrance to the air that flows thru the building. Needless to mention the blocking off of hard-to –control western solar exposure, resulting in considerable heat-gain reductions.

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