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Extension and Renovation

Status- July 2011 to August 2012. (first floor unbuilt)

Location- C1/46 SDA, Safdarjung enlcave

A first floor extension to a classic 1960s brick and exposed concrete house in the quiet Safdarjung Development Area. The brief required a small addition of two bedroom flat on the terrace level. Given the clients love for the original building, we attempted to set up a narrative that respected the old while at the same time expressing the new addition.


The lower floor renovation, retains traits of the original, with a palate of light wood, hand glazed tiles and white walls, and minimal deviation from the original. However to lighten up the space, lighting and illumination were reworked considerably . The addition of LED in a ceiling suspended trellis adds a whole new charm to the formal living room while recreating the flavor of the 60s modernism in India.


The first floor addition is muted and quiet, and locks on like a lego-block over the older structure, at no time competing with it , but at the same time announcing its newer self.  It steps back from the original façade in an understatement. Above the structure is floated a trellis in bamboo and steel to reduce solar gains in summer to cut air-conditioning loads within the space.

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