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The Collectorate Office

Status-  Competition

Location- Silvassa

The street and the Indira Gandhi Memorial organizes the entrance to the site. The memorial acts as a marker and anchors the plaza that delivers the visitors into the building precinct. The entrance to the site is open and welcoming and democratic. Vehicular traffic and pedestrian movements are separated very clearly with a marked bias towards the visitor on foot in the public street. The plaza then becomes and extension of the street and the public life of the city.

At the street level volumes respond to the need to integrate the site with the street. The plaza transforms into a landscape of levels and a public courtyard that is protected from the harsh tropical sun facing eastwards and to the street on the north. The wide open entrance and its podium like elevation invite the visitors.

The upped volume ensures optimal north and south lighting while reducing the heat gain from the harsh south. The width ensure optimal day lighting and shades the court below

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