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Status- Complete

Location- Lucknow


The CRDC was designed to be the city office for NGO operating out of Rural Uttar Pradesh. The CRDC was thought of as space for city meetings, trainings, etc. But was always viewed as a temporary facility, working out of conveniently available rented accommodations, and so must be movable / dismantlable. Thus almost all the furniture was designed to be free standing and individually movable.

Given the organizations focus on rural development and economic self reliance and sustainable resource optimization, the furniture too was designed to reflect these sensibilities - being made from Re-purposed packaging material and Bamboo Board. The worktop surface being the only use of non-sustainable material - laminate - to ensure longevity. All furniture was sized and broken down into multiple parts such that they could be conveniently dismantled and carted to a new location should the need to relocate arise. 

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