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Puppy house

Status- Proposed, yet to be built.

Location- Sai Animal Shelter


This  puppy house was designed, for puppies at the Sai Animal Shelter in Chattarpur. The Puppy House was proposed for the numerous abandoned / and orphaned puppies that were being regularly dropped off at the shelter by citizens and animal welfare persons. The facility was designed to accommodate about 100 puppies in a secure space without letting them mix with adult dogs and other animals at the shelter which could sometimes turn aggressive or carry diseases that the puppy immune system were not yet equipped to handle. Also it made managing them easier.

The design uses two levels and ramps to create a playful space, where the puppies not only stay but also have options to run around, climb and play with each other and get necessary exercise to help them both grow and sleep well. 

The entire structure was to be built from reused packaging material and steel, both hugely sustainable as they can be re purposed should the need arise, and would also keep costs down in terms of sourcing and material expense.

The space responds to the scale of the puppies and is designed around an existing tree at site, giving the space shade and some notion of a natural environment, while adding a sense of delight for the patrons and volunteers and the shelter.  

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