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Keya and Jagat House

Status- Complete, 2017

Location- Pant Gaon, Chitai


This small house in Pant Gaon, Chitai, was designed to be a permanent home for a Corporate Trainer couple and their dog, Junior. 


The house was designed to be a very simple and efficient, live and work space that would occasionally  host parents and visiting guests. Designed on a very simple grid of 6 bays, the house exploits the magnificent view to the north, while keeping sizes adequate as opposed to luxurious.

The roof and fenestration are designed to allow maximum winter/ low angle sun into the building to enable it to stay warm in cold weather. The design is a simple double height volume in the center, that is the living/ dining space, that is flanked on both sides by sleeping space (bedrooms) and workplaces (Kitchen and workshop/studio) the room on the upper floor are connected by bridge that maintains a certain privacy for the upstairs master bedroom.

Also since the building faces North, to the view, the double eight central volume was useful to bring in both light and warmth from the south side. Stepping out of the house on the upper level to south one finds a large sunlit deck that 

could be used for breakfasts in the sun in coll mountain air.

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