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Kala Kendra Banquet and Library

Status- Competition, 2013

Location- Silvassa, Gujrat


The design hinges on a central atrium space that unites visually and pragmatically the very varying functions. The space are arranged to play off each other and thereby exposing and enlighting the user to space and events, the functions of the library. The kala kendra and state banquet are kept discreet from each other. However, the use of visual and physical connections allows for a non linear and lateral explorations of the constituent functions that the building houses. A certain flexibility of program and use is build into the manners of placing and connections. the use of ramps that allow easy and interesting access to space while at the same time unfolding the building in a deliberate and carefully intention-ed manner the internal organisation as well as the circulation are expressed in the facade where ramps leading to the various spaces are expressed to give the building identity and character and highlight its new and iconic presence.

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