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540, Khel Gaon

Status- Completed,

Location- khel gaon, New Delhi

Given the gloomy darkness of most of Asian Games Village houses, natural light became the chief idea of the design. The entire design process revolved around making openings and connection between spaces and functions, thus establishing a visual unity and continuity.

The design relies on a careful and studied usage of flooring, woodwork and visual continuities to open up and spatially enlarge the living experience. The spaces are strung together by deliberate variations in material and pattern that take you from formal to private and from ground floor to upper level.

Design decisions for the project were based on a clear tactile understanding of materials and surfaces of human contact. A palette of wood, white, off-white, black and grey permeate the entire scheme enhancing the spatial continuity.

In some ways the project is representative of our process of  design that addresses each site as unique and a custom design is evolved to fit its  specific requirements, while at the same time allowing space for those who will live in it, letting them blend their personalities into the space and own it while we try our best to create spaces that are truly fulfilling.

We like to keep things to the bare essentials that define the experience. UNCLUTTER and SIMPLIFY, and then RE- IMAGINE!

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