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Museum of Knowledge

Status- Competition, 2015

Location- Chandigarh


The Museum of Knowledge is to us is an excuse to arrive at an architecture that celebrates not itself, and not the super-human ideal of the heroic modernism, but the people who're architecture it is. It is an institution visioned to express and nurture knowledge, and its outflow and exchange. It is a place for free thinking, and un-restrained action. The MOK is an event, in that it creates, houses and precipitates events out of its presence and myriad platforms it affords.


The MOK is visioned as an extension of the Capital Plaza, a perforated edifice at the north-western edge, aligning with and accentuating the axes that guide the overall geometry of the masterplan.


It effortlessly finds a place in the scheme, without announcing itself as distinct or special, without claiming for itself center stage or monument. It seeks to complete the ensemble at the scale of the urban plaza. Yet as an entity, its stand is distinct from the buildings in its stance. Its stoic refusal to be heroic, or super-human.

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