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New Delhi Art Installation

Status- Complete, 2015

Location- Max Muller Bhavan

This interactive Game / Art Piece had its beginnings in Opa/City a gender and space oriented workshop held at the Max Muller Bhavan, under Vani Subramanium. It was further developed to be part of the Neighborhood Museum for Nizamuddin, Organised by the CCK, Ambedkar University, that was being curated by Vani. The Installation revolved around the 3 Nizamuddin's, East, West, and The Basti. Users were asked to pick up self-inking rubber stamps, that were color-coded, and mark the map with their emotions, approvals, fears.

The interactions of users, as they stamped it, and looked at the stamping patterns already present, gave an interesting, and noteworthy reflection on how people use and view the city, and also on the other-ness of places, we are both unfamiliar with or because they belong to people we view as culturally different.

One could see patterns of which parts of the city people came from and what areas of Nizamuddin they had familiarity/discomfort with.

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