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Ramgarh Resort

Status- Unbuilt, 2010

Location- Ramgarh, Uttrakhand

The design tried to move away from the accepted image and style of cottage resorts in the hills and define a new experience that would be both environmentally connected and unique to the project.


The project was to be designed on a very steep site with a gradient that ranged from 45 to 60 degrees. The sister faced north, facing the views of the snow-capped Himalayas, with very little direct sunlight. The brief wanted 30 cottages that enjoyed a view of the lofty snow-clad mountains, some common facilities for guests and space for staff to stay.


The proposal looked at maximizing privacy and exploiting the view through the creation of narrow vertical duplex units that framed the view through tall double heighten north facing windows, that controlled the eye of the visitor when they were in their private units. The vertical stacking was a conscious departure from the pattern of cottages. It ensured an unobsturcted view for each unit, through an exploiting of the slope of the site and also allowed us to place units very close to each other without actually reducing the privacy of each unit since there were no side windows.


The roof too derived its form in Lightweight Ferro-cement vaults as a result of considerations for earthquakes forces in zone 5, and desire to reduce the weight of the roof to minimize vibration and reduce the possibility of damage and loss of life in a seismic event.

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