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Rawat Residence

Status- Under construction

Location- Almora, Uttrakhand


Built on one of the most beautiful and old properties of Almora town at Rani Dhara, the family residence for the Rawat family has been a labor of love, and is still ongoing. The Estate has multiple components, a main house, three cottages, a garage and amphitheater are gardens and two magnificent Deodar trees that frame the view of the main town from the spur on which it is located.


The house is a meeting ground of the Kumaon House typology and the need for a more modern, comfortable and 2 storied house. It sits on the footprint of an older house that needed to be torn down, and so maintains the same proportion and scale to the site as earlier house had.  


The addition of a upper floor and thus the introduction of a stair and central corridor to what was essentially a traditional house with south-facing verandah model resulted in the creation of a hybrid typology where the newly introduced elements find very strong expression on the facades of the house.


The stair case becomes  an identity element as you approach the house from below on the the north side, looking upwards. On the west side an additional balcony to enjoy the sunset and look over the valley also adds a new element.


The roof form and detail both take direct reference to the Kumaon House type, using the traditional Sheet-and- Gola type roof that became prevalent per-independence. 

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