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La Leon Salon

Status- Completed, 2014

Location- Sector 14, Gurugram

A salon is always full space, there will be bags, product, brushes, blow-dryers, trolleys, large chairs all fighting for space and distracting the eye.  Anything unnecessary was stripped and removed so the feeling of space was highlighted So the Architects decided to use a minimalist and with the careful addition of the Salon’s signature red, the palate found dramatic effect.

The design idea centers around a transparency and a Zen like calm that only does as much as is essential while letting the client soak up the pleasant and soothing atmosphere without distraction. Each element is carefully placed and blended to create a seamless unified experience.


The salon appears much larger than it actually is. The design relies on a series of rich timber frames that divide the space into the five sections, these frames mark out the distinct areas while retaining a spatial continuity from one into the other - enlarging the space of experience while maintaining a very disciplined segregation of function. The edgy yet texturally rich frames form the basic construct of the design. Both on the walls and overhead they define and enclose without actually creating enclosure.  Within the frames then are inserted various components as functions demand – mirrors on the walls at the stations, shelves for display and storage in the partitions, and branding for products and services. Each inserted with minimal detail and fuss with joints cleverly camouflaged into the structure of the frames, and completely invisible.

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