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Public Toilets and Sanitation Project for Vatavaran NGO

Status- Unbuilt, 2010

Location- Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Designed for the NGO Vatavaran, the toilet project was a response to a much-needed facility at the Hauz Khas Village, where both solid waste management and public utilities were solely lacking in what was slowly becoming a thriving marketplace.

the toilet were designed to require minimal maintenance, and were environmentally responsive both in terms of natural light and ventilation as well as the integration of water harvesting, into lotus pond ( that also acts a divider between the men's and women's sections) that holds and de-silts water before it goes into the underground storage from where it is then put into use.

The building uses very common and robust materials to ensure that they are not easily damaged and the building requires minimal expense on maintenance and upkeep. 

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